After raising a baby, you will encounter all kinds of difficult problems, but there is one trouble that almost every parent has to worry about, which is eating hands.

Why does a 3-month-old baby chew on his hands every day, and what to do if he develops bad habits in the future?

My baby is more than 1 year old and can't sleep without eating hands. What should I do?

A 2-year-old baby still eats his hands, how to get rid of it?

Is the baby's finger really smeared with honey? Why do babies like chewing on their hands so much?

Today, we will listen to what the baby said.

3 months

I found it interesting to eat hands

I will be two years old soon, and my favorite thing is to eat hands.

I have to have close contact with it every day before meals and before going to bed. Not because of how delicious it is, but mainly because it has become a part of my life.

I remember that when I was in my mother’s stomach, there weren’t so many fun things, and chewing my fingers was my only entertainment.

Why? Because it's fun! Feel the shape of your fingers with your lips and tongue! More importantly, there are so many fingers!

They are my friends and can stay with me anytime, anywhere.

They can comfort me when I'm bored and unhappy, isn't it great?

When I vaguely knew what "to eat hands" means, it was probably about 3 months old.

At that time, I could always hear my mother’s gentle voice saying:

"The baby is sucking hands again!"

Then my mother would pick me up, feed me, and gently pat me to sleep.

When I was in a hurry because my fingers couldn't aim at my mouth, there was always a rough voice laughing on the side, then put my hand in my mouth, and kissed my forehead by the way.

Sometimes my dad would look at me when I am eating my hands.

I really like watching their facial expressions when I eat my hands. It turns out that eating hands is not only fun but also so cute!

8 months

Fighting with my mother every day to eat my hands

Gradually, my mother's attitude changed towards me eating hands.

The cause was a walk downstairs in the community.

That day, my mother took me to walk downstairs in the community as usual, and I sat in the baby carriage to suck my hand.

A somewhat familiar grandmother whispered to my mother for a long time. After returning home, my mother began to become very strange.

When she saw me eating hands, they said to me, "How dirty your hands are", "How ugly you look like when eating hands" and so on.

But I still eat my hands, and I can't understand any word anyway.

Seeing that I hadn't changed much, my mother began to change her strategy.

You know, my favorite thing is to suck my finger to sleep, but do you know what my mom did?

She even took my hand out of my mouth while I was asleep!

I am not asleep yet! I immediately opened my eyes, grinned, and ate!

In the middle of the night, my mother came to draw my hand again, and I was very tired and irritated. In that case, let's not sleep together! I wailed and cried.

At this time, my mother hugged me and my father coax me, and took turns to say good things to me:

"Well, my baby, don't cry, you can continue to eat your hands!"

Humph! If you said this earlier, I’m just eating my hands. Don’t you adults always eat sweets and drinks!

Dad contributed a lot of bad ideas

Finally, I gave up eating hands

The good times didn’t last long. After my mom can not deal with me, my dad took the initiative to ask and join the enemy’s camp.

Dad first brought me a toy, which looked like a pacifier, but could not suck milk.

As soon as I ate my hand, my mother took my hand away and stuffed this "toy" into my mouth.

This "toy" is hard and tasteless, I don't want it!

Mom sighed, as if she meant to give up, I hurriedly took the opportunity to slap my thumb in person.

No response? Suck again!

Still no response? It seems that I won!

A few days later, my dad got back a strange cover and put it on my hand.

This severely affected me to eat hands.

The most important thing is that after wearing this thing, my fingers don't feel anymore, nor do I feel my mother's face or feel my father's beard!

I couldn't get rid of it. I was so angry that I cried again for an hour and a half!

Dad quickly took it off for me and was scolded by my mother.

"Look at your bad idea!"

Haha, let you play tricks on me.

I thought it would succeed, but I didn't expect that after a few days, something more terrifying happened.

One day when I woke up and put my hands in my mouth as usual, I was shocked. How can my favorite hands be bitter than what I ate when I was sick!

I looked at my little hand in surprise, and I couldn't figure out how my good friend who has been sleeping with me changed?

Seeing my father and mother whispering, I know, it must be their conspiracy! They made my little hands bitter!

And what makes me sad is: This time, Mom and Dad seem to be very satisfied. But don't they want to make me happy?

Lick your fingers, bitter!

Endure the bitterness and tears and continue to take a bite, even more bitter!

The more you cry, the more you want to eat your hands, the more you eat, the more bitter you are...

In the end, my mouth was full of bitterness. Looking at my little hands, I could only say goodbye to them with tears.

After this struggle, I always feel empty in my heart. I feel that my parents no longer love me as they did before.

I was seriously ill when I was 1 year old

Miss my "old friend"so much

When I was over 1 year old, I was infected with Rotavirus, but it broke me down.

This illness caused me to start sucking my fingers again.

High fever, vomiting, diarrhea, I was limp, and I didn't have any strength at all. My mother also said that I had lost a lot of weight, and she cried anxiously when she looked at me.

When I went to the hospital for the first time, a grandmother in a white coat looked at me and asked my parents to go home and give me a salty liquid that was difficult to drink.

I feel sick every time I drink it.

Once, after I had just had diarrhea, I was fed with a lot of that disgusting liquid again, and I tried to pick out the thing in my mouth.

But as soon as my mouth touched my hand, I felt—this feels so familiar!

At that moment, I felt that I didn't feel so uncomfortable anymore, so I slowly calmed down, and fell asleep while eating and crying.

Maybe it was because my mother felt softhearted when I am uncomfortable. This time, my mother didn't take my hands away while I was asleep. I regained the right to eat hands!

After recovering from my illness, I didn't plan to give up my right to eat hands. Instead, I cherished the reunion with my old friend. You know, when I was most uncomfortable, it stayed with me!

I don't forget to lick my fingers almost all the time, eating before meals, before going to bed, eating in a daze... I fully enjoy the comforting satisfaction.

The idea of letting me not eat my hands

Mom finally gave up

The war of not letting me eat my hands lasted for more than half a year, and my parents were finally tired.

When my mother saw me eating my hands again, although sighed, she stopped nagging and only reminded me gently.

She also prepared a lot of toys that I like. As soon as I ate my hands, she hugged me to play with toys.

This is also good.

And I discovered a little secret. After my parents stopped "fighting" with me, the joy of eating hands would be much less.

A few days ago, my mother discovered that there was a hard thing on my hand. She looked nervously for a long time and called my dad to study together. The conclusion seemed to be related to eating hands.

Oh my god... Mom and Dad won't start a total war with me again, will they?

But what I didn't expect was that although my mother was nervous this time, she didn't use the stupid methods she used to, but take out a picture book.

My mother pointed to the picture in the picture book and told me that there is a castle inside our little belly, and the bacteria on our hands will slip through the mouth and reach into my belly, destroy the castle, and then attack our body.

Then I will have fever, vomiting, and diarrhea like I did before.

Oh my God, I don’t want to experience that feeling again!

Regarding eating less hands...Well, I will consider it.

I found something more interesting than eating hands

bye bye finger~

The other day was my 2nd birthday.

Mom and Dad said that I grew up, and they showed me pictures from my childhood.

Seeing the photos of me eating hands when I was a child, I suddenly remembered, I haven't eaten hands for a long time!!

When did it start?

Yes, after all, I have grown up, has a bunch of friends, a bunch of new skills, and new things happen every day.

Eating hands seems to have become less important.

For me, my hands are like a good friend who grew up with me. When I was a little baby, it could only comfort and accompany me in this way.

But when I am no longer the 2-year-old crying kid, he will be busy doing more and more interesting things!

Little kid's summary

Having said so much, in the end I also have to make a summary:

1. For our little baby, eating hands is really a very simple way to accompany and explore.

You adults cannot stare at me all the time, and it is even impossible to respond to my needs in the first timing every time, but eating hands can make me less anxious when I do not get a response.

2. Although I know that my parents care about me, I really don't understand a single sentence of those blunt principles!

And those extreme strategies you adopted will only hurt me. Why do you want to make me sad if you love me?

3. And you are always worried about bacteria, teeth, and cocoons on my hands... I'm only 2 years old! The American Academy of Pediatrics has said that discipline is only needed after 4 years of age!

Can't be patient, wait me until I grow up a little bit?