Regarding the issue of your children watching cartoons, there are often two extreme situations: some parents don’t care what cartoons their children watch. Children can watch them as long as they are popular cartoons; at the same time, some parents do not allow their children to watch any TV programs out of the protection of their children’s eyesight or dislike some poor quality cartoons.

Excellent cartoons can help children grow up and become memories of a lifetime, just as those born in the 1970s and 1980s have memories of "Draco Cat", "Mickey Mouse" or "Slam Dunk". But if you choose inappropriate or bad cartoons, you will have adverse reactions. Let's talk about what kind of cartoons are suitable for your children.

  1. The grading of the cartoon should be in line with your baby's age:

The difference between children and adults facing the same cartoons is that children themselves have no ability to distinguish between true and false. Parents know that the pan knocking people into the air is fictional, but children may actually try this. It is important to choose an animation suitable for your baby's age.

  1. The outlooks of world, life and valuesmeet your requirement:

The outlooks of the world, life, and values of cartoons will have a great impact on children, so choosing a cartoon means that you agree with those outlooks and using them to educate your children. For example, if you choose to show your children the "Barbie" series, it means you using the following three concepts to educate children: pink lover, clothing, shoes and bags collection addiction, choice phobia, the female world of intrigue, plus finding a no-brainer rich second-generation boyfriend.

  1. Have a positive idol image:

       Children's learning ability and desire are the strongest, so they will subconsciously imitate cartoon characters. Good animations will have positive characters as the main content, and even many excellent animations for the 2-6-year-old group have no negative characters at all, such as "Mickey's Magic House", the new version of "Winnie the Pooh" or " Peppa Pig. This kind of positive is not only on the spiritual level, but also on the appearance and language.

  1. Resolutely reject violence and vulgar language

From a global perspective, this is actually a trend in the development of children's animation. For example, Disney’s animated character changes are simply the history of the development of "political correctness" and "correction of education" in the United States. Initially, Mickey Mouse's daily work was to shoot Indians with guns. In the 1980s, it became a chase in daily life. And the latest "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" series is completely deciphered with friends. The "Winnie the Pooh" series has also changed from fighting for honey with troublemakers in the forest in the 1980s to a story of a mutual-help group for children. We now especially look forward to the new version of Tom and Jerry who are learning math together.

  1. Have a certain educational significance

There is no need to demand the animation to carry many teaching functions, but it is also good to have a little educational meaning. This educational meaning comes from two aspects, including teaching and outlook on life. The former is much better, such as Mickey Magic House and Miaomiao Forest. The excellent representative of the latter is "Doraemon". All the children who love Fat Blue will understand a life truth from the protagonist’s experience, "Every time you rely on improper props, you will not have a good result. In the end, you have to work hard and study well".

In addition to these good animation standards we recommend, there are a few points that parents need to pay attention to when playing cartoons to their children:

  • Most cartoons will have corresponding merchandise for sale, but some cartoons are made purely for selling toys, from Barbie to masks to all kinds of four-wheel drive;
  • Many animations have been shot in many different versions within decades. When parents choose, please try to choose the new version as close to the current one as possible, so as to be closer to the new worldview and educational requirements;
  • For those parents who don’t know about cartoons and don’t have time to watch them by themselves, we recommend that you choose the most well-known series of animations;
  • It is not recommended that parents use mobile phones or tablets to allow children to watch cartoons for a long time, as this will make the children maintain an awkward posture for a long time. The best device is the TV, so that the child can maintain a relatively comfortable posture and more space for activities;
  • For bad animations, you must make up your mind to ban children from watching them, even if he makes trouble, soon when he finds that the new animation is also very good, it will disappear;
  • When playing, try to choose the way to block ads.