In 2016, a 5-year-old boy was locked in the car and cried to tears. Later his parents were found and knew that the reason why they left the child in the car is that both the parents were working in the hospital. The child was sick and no one could take care of the child, at the same time, the hospital stipulated that the child could not be taken into the working place. The child’s Daddy thought that it would only take half an hour to make the rounds of the wards, so he chose to leave the kid alone and lock him in the car. But he did not realize how dangerous it was, otherwise he wouldn't do it even if it was to lose his job.

How could leaving children in the car be life-threatening?

When the car is parked outdoors for a long time and we open the door, we can feel the heat coming from inside. The seats are hot to be touched. Before we can get in, the air conditioning needs to be opened for a long time. This is because the car is parked outdoors and the sun shines through the glass. Inside the car, the heat cannot be dissipated, and the temperature will get higher and higher, which is the result of the greenhouse effect.

If leaving the child in the car alone, they cannot unfasten the seat belt and open the door to escape. The inside is getting hotter and hotter, and their body surface area is larger than their weight. They are more likely to lose water in a high-temperature environment. One more thing is that their body temperature control ability is Inferior to adults, then they are also more sensitive to the high temperature outside, and dehydration, heatstroke, shock, and even death will soon occur.

In the United States, on average of every 10 days, one child is left in a car to death. Since 1998, 575 children have died of this. Do you know what happens when a child is left in a hot car? It only takes 15 minutes to cause fatal brain and kidney damage to the child. In many countries, leaving a child in a car alone is going to court, and if it is done intentionally, it is a crime.

The picture above shows the number of children who were killed in cars by heat each year from 1998 to 2009 in the United States. Someone might think that there is such a danger only if the car windows are closed and left in the sun. Actually, this father left seams on the car windows, and it was a rainy morning. The final facts proved that even half an hour is not acceptable.

Someone has done a test. A blue-black car with its windows closed, and a light gray car with its windows open. It is placed at a room temperature of 34°C. The temperature inside the car with the windows open is lower, but there is not a big difference in the temperature rise rate and speed for both cars. It only takes 20 minutes, and the temperature in both cars exceeds 52°C.

Is it safe on rainy days? In fact, the temperature inside the car is mainly related to the outside temperature, not the weather conditions. Look at the picture below to make it clearer. As long as the temperature reached the orange area, the child in the hot car will be life-threatening. The outdoor temperature of 20 degrees should be very comfortable and pleasant, but it can be seen from the picture that even at this temperature, the temperature inside the car can reach 46 degrees if the vehicle stays outdoors for an hour.

Therefore, at any time, for whatever reason, do not leave your child alone in the car, even for a little while. If you find a child is left in the car alone and may be life-threatening, call the police and rescue him immediately.